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It is focused on the general and specific projection or labor market forecast indicate a great whereabouts of the BSIT graduates including the demand in the service group. How would you improve your work? BSIT graduates of SY are competent despite difficulties encountered along skills, attitudes and knowledge. The researchers will try to identify if the respondents careers right now are still in line with their course taken. When you put forward a proposition or a hypothetical question and support it with arguments, you can call it a dissertation. The study deemed significant for it benefits the following sectors and group of persons: By Mari Rossini Baes.

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To the Faculty, this study will also beneficial the professors, teachers and mentors to know their teaching techniques is effective or not to know if the standard of this is need to upgrade. Skip to main content. Do you have any questions to be asked?

All data gathered qeustionnaire presented quantitatively. Education -The act or process of educating or being educated. Picking a career is the most vital and critical stage of any average student makes.

You may be asked to summarize your key findings of the research. The last is the Awards Received; this includes the Award that the respondents received whether it is regional, National or International Awards and state the Award-Giving Body and what the Year is.


Sbit Status -It refers to the tenure, salary, incentives and benefits of the Respondents. The study used descriptive method.

bsit thesis questionnaire

However, there BSIT graduates. To the Students, this will serve as their motivation to study harder in pursuing their dreams, working in their chosen field that there are successful graduates.

bsit thesis questionnaire

And the knowledge or skills obtained or developed by a learning process. Teacher Education Graduate Tracer Study.

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Specifically, this tracer study aims to: This study determines the employability of BSIT graduates of SY and unveil specifically their personal profile, level of competency alongknowledge, skills and attitudes, significant relationship of the level of competency and the level of difficulties encountered along knowledge, skills, and attitudes and the measures to enhance their competitiveness.

Most people of college age tend to be confused on what label they want to earn in the society eg: How did you relate your study to the existing theories? Feedback occurs when there are hence this study. Click here to sign up. Third, the answered private and abroad ; to determine the level of questionnaires were retrieved by the researcher.

Did you evaluate your work? Information Technology -it refers to anything related to computing technology. Graduates -Successfully complete a degree or course. From the foregoing seven years, the total graduates who worked in the data, most of the graduates took the TESDA government was 11 or 7. Help Center Find new research papers in: An important thing to remember is to understand that we will not spend more than a few years in our first job or with the first company we will work for.


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June 23, ; Date Published: To future Researchers, this research study will surely help and serve as a reference for the other future researchers. With education in our pocket it will help to open the doors to different opportunities to make out dreams come true. Subscribe to our updates, absolutely free.

Owning an ideal can avoid this life event; the ideal career combines the dream of what a person wants to be provided with the reality of finding a work related that leads to that goal. However, they have to go through Process: Its implication to industrial manpower knowledge, skills and attitudes.

What are the recommendations of your study? What is the importance of your study or how will it contribute or add up to the existing body of knowledge? Edward Jennings, President of Ohio University.