Bankruptcy or Dissolution of Partnership: A separate income account should bemaintained for each partner. Itprovides step-by-step guideline once we started our business. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Skip to main content. Fasilitator for Smart Financial Planning Seminsr: Operational Manager Haikal stage 1 , stage 3 , stage 5 , stage 7, stage 9 and stage

But, if we use our service which is sending the bananas to the customer, we will charge for the delivery costs. We pay the rental land for three years cash. Once the media is merely billboard advertisement billboards small version. Nuryusrina Binti YusriIdentity card number: We also provide our service by sending our bananas to customer or they can come and serve themselves there.

In order to increase sale and maintain it to every month our management haveworking very hard to ensure that we can achieve our target. Besides, the objective of operation is to full fill the high demands of customers.

Ensure that the achievements and to achieve the set standard.

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Full of Consistency nourishment, in production juicy and of banana fresh banana. Thus, decreasing the production of banana.

Below are the schedule for the operation. Fasilitator for Smart Financial Planning Seminsr: Having a big capital couldhelp them to grow the business bigger in minutes. busiess

contoh business plan ent300

The partners will distribute profit according to capital distribution. Thank you for givingopinions, ideas and information needed by this project.

contoh business plan ent300

Expert in Microsoft Office and able to solve problem under pressure. Apart from that, we have been observed that there are fewer competitors thatinvolves in tailoring curtains service.



So we take these opportunities to expand ourbusiness since we are qualified with the skills and creativity. We are offering product that are produce from the fresh bananas farm, which will give our customer the best taste and quality of bananas.

You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! General1 Manager 1 This business is founded by five partners. Thank you because they had sacrificedmany things so that this proposal can be done successfully. Duringthis time, our business has a stable financial because our products have been known bythe customers. Thus, below is the calculation for the output per month. We had put our best commitment to complete this business plan according to theguidelines and requirements that were given according to our subject syllabus.

The location also near to our customer that can buy our product. Thisbusiness plan is constructed to serve as a blueprint and guide for a proposal businessventure which covers administration, production, operation, marketing, and also financialaspects.

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As we can see from thetable below, the business is lower in the first month. It reveals how much profit a company earned in comparison to the total amount of shareholder equity found on the balance sheet.

Therefore, our company have several ways to compete with our competitors: Good communication and management skills in handling event and people: Small tarts and other sweet baked products are called pastries This word refer to the started or our business This word refer to the things that we used to make bakery busines pastry 8 Page Name of the CompanyDelicious Bakery and Pastry Budiness.


We also provide eht300 service by sending our bananas to customer or they can come and serve themselves there. Based on the statistic information in the year of from Official Website of Shah AlamCouncil, we find out there are aboutresidents andof property of ourselected area in Shah Alam. Several information included in the administrative plan are: The partnership name shall be sold with the otherassets of the business.


Delicious Bakery And Pastry is a company we actively establishedand Own by the partnership. Operational manager is responsible to ensure the qualities and the quantities of organic bananas. It is to ensure our employees welfare will be protected and get the benefit. It is to ensure that activity in the business goes smoothly and it is aligned with the business goal, mission, vision, and our long term objective in the industry.

contoh business plan ent300