You can download up to 24 hours following the deadline itself. If there are problems with the myUWE application, you will see this error message: If students are incorrect or missing from a SyllabusPlus activity group, please contact Central Examinations, Timetabling and Technical Services tel. File size reports can vary to a small degree, but should the reported file differ to a large degree, you may wish to re-submit as this may be due to a data corruption in transit. You will see the contents of your My Media area.

Students need to click on a particular coursework item to expand the coversheet download or link to Blackboard. Resit Assignments – during the resit period, only the students who are resitting will see resit assignments. Once you have completed this, you make your actual assignment submission following the quick steps below. Once the valid date has passed, the announcement will be removed. This may differ from Module to Module, depending on the volume of coursework to be registered but SAT aim to do this within 5 working days of the deadline.

Please note this is not the Submission Deadline. Please note that if, after being logged out, you wish to continue using myUWE or Blackboard you will need to log back in using the UWE login page.

It is advisable to download a coversheet in advance of the deadline in order to avoid any potential problems with access to myUWE. If you can see a UWE accommodation address that is different from the one you expect to see please contact Accommodation Services.

Please see our Photosets guidance page for further details on access. Once you have completed this, you make your actual assignment submission following the quick steps below.


Coursework Coversheets – UWE Bristol: myUWE Support

For students submitting Kaltura Media or other Media files, please see the guidance on how to submit below. Below the main tab you should see six subtabs: Do not enter text in the Comments text box area, unless zheet instructed to do so by your instructor.

The current specification for myUWE does not include ccover by Alumni. If you are in any doubt about the word count for your coursework please contact your module tutor. The reminder will include your student number. Coursework items will only be visible to staff once the release date has passed. The naming convention both protects anonymity and helps with organising assessment.

Any computer on which you can access the web should be able to access myUWE. Your date of birth cannot be edited in myUWE. Please see the notes on anonymity for further information. Where no current photograph is held for a student, sueet place holder image will be displayed. The file upload failed.

coursework cover sheet myuwe

If you have been attached to a specific group in ISIS as a Viewer, you will have access to view the photoset for that group. Each coursework item will display the following information: You should print a copy of this page as a receipt.

Please refer to our Appropriateness of announcements in myUWE guidance. If students are incorrect or missing from an ISIS driven group i.

Online Coursework Submission

Please contact the appropriate Faculty Student Administration Team if you are having difficulty updating addresses of this type. All times are UK time. Coursework Collection subtab If you are attached in ISIS to the module run as coursewoek Coursework Collector, the Coursework Collection subtab is where you would collect coursework submitted by your students.


Please contact the appropriate Faculty Student Administration Team to amend this information. If you need to attach any other Kaltura Media files, we recommend you click to the right of the table which contains the first media file before repeating steps 6 and 7 again. Please note that any submission made in the 24 hour period will incur a shset.

You may have been automatically logged out of all the services accessed by myLogin myUWE, Blackboard because you have not used any of them for 30 minutes. The files within will retain their original names.

coursework cover sheet myuwe

Yellow indicates that the submission period is within the 24 hour late window. The coursework items are myywe in order of closure date with the newest closure date at the top of the list. The file and cover sheet column in the Completed Submission Attempts table provides links to both the uploaded file and the automatically generated coversheet. The tutor will then be able to access the file using this filename.