Was the righteousness of people like Socrates, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King rewarded while they lived? Then Yudhishthira goes to search for his brothers. In this story, Yudhisthira with these qualities became able to save all his four brothers. Not to drink water from the pool before answering his questions. Similarly, on the other hand, we can raise doubts over the existence of god in this world. One could also argue with the choice of material in Adventures in English.

Saturday, February 6, Yudhisthira’s Wisdom. After a short walk, he notices a beautiful pool. Yudhisthira sent his one brother to fetch water from a nearby lake. Not to drink water from the pool before answering his questions. Newer Post Older Post Home. They were very tired and thirsty, so wanted to drink water. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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ENGLISH NOTES(bbs 1st year): Yudhisthira’s Wisdom

From our perspectives, man without desires can never be rich, nor can we lose our anger. When he was near the corpses of his brothers, Yaksha water god, by the way appeared and warned him not to touch anything there unless he yudhistgiras his questions.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

Still we can learn many more philosophy from this story. One could also argue with the choice of material in Adventures in English. Why Go to University?


BBA First Semester: Yudhisthira’s Wisdom

Is righteousness always rewarded? The Mahabharat Literal Comprehension: Mero Future June 29, at 9: I have learnt to change myself changing my thinking as well. Or it simply says a journey of five brothers in yuduisthiras jungle. Or it simply says a journey of five brothers in the jungle.

Monday, July 2, Yudhisthira’s Wisdom. His four brothers were prostrate on the ground due to their disobedience to the voice of Yama. After a short walk, he noticed a beautiful pool on the bank of which were lying all his brothers either unconscious or dead. Your email address will not be published.

This mythological story is taken from Mahabharata.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

Isn’t it a historical fact that precisely the reverse is more nearly wisdo, Unknown to Yudhishthira, they have all ignored a Yaksha’s admonition not to drink the water before answering his questions. But now Yudhisthira’s brothers’ restoration of life has wiped out all my illusions and on my part, reverence to god has increased a lot. Is courage the best weapon against danger? This story led me to question some of my views about abridged texts.

Would astronomers agree that the sun shines by the power of God? Until now, I have felt that one ought to read original materials. Yudhitshiras we conduct any work rightly that has creative result. Whereas the person who doesn’t have these qualities suffers in life.


We learn that we should forsake pride, anger, desires, etc. While hunting yudhisthjras deer in a forest, the five Pandava brothers grow thirsty. Once in the exiled period five Pandav brothers grew thirty while running after a deer in the forest of Yaksha. For instance, a character in Parijat’s Blue Mimosa says: The philosophical portion is of course of great interest, with reflections on such concepts as desire and courage.

However, none of them returned for a long time. This story can also be interpreted to mean that righteousness make us feel good here on earth. And restored all his brother’s to live by promising to help them in their future difficulties.

Yudhishthira’s wisdom

Then yudhisthira sent sahadev, one of his brothers to look for water. What feeds him and sustains htinking and makes him strong? Yudhisthira agreed to answer Yaksha’s questions.