We advise that you specify your grades for each Part of the Tripos and explain that the University does not aggregate the results for each year into an overall class. For further details see the IDP website. The aims of the course are to: After the test, recommendations are made on how the design might be improved. These extend across the whole range of engineering and include mechanical, electrical, information and civil engineering, design, manufacture and management, together with the mathematical and computing skills that underpin much of modern engineering.

All Part IA coursework is for standard credit, which means that once students achieve a satisfactory standard in the various groups of activities, as listed below, the associated raw marks are capped at the qualifying level. Marks on scale 0 to 6: M, L, Team project work, 39, 28, Less 1 mark for late or 2 marks for very late attendance at each session. Some experiments are ‘short’. The exercise is open-ended and fun, giving an immediate awareness of the integrated nature of real-world engineering, involving software, mechanical and electrical components, teamwork, and communication skills. The students’ assimilation of the material covered in the eight lectures on the principles of design is tested through a product design project where they are asked to design a device to meet a specified need. We have An IDE that can be used in the 1st and 2nd year coursework labs needs to.

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Students are required to work through the tutorials and tasks prior to their scheduled marking sessions, using the helpdesk as required before then.

All lab leaders and technicians have been made aware of this procedure and will have the relevant materials ready for collection.


During the first two years of intdgrated course students study substantially the same subjects. Some experiments are ‘short’. Supervisions should be timetabled to avoid afternoon lab sessions.

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It is important that you take the time to read through the documentation on that page and to consult the handout for each experiment PRIOR to the day of the laboratory.

Microprocessors and learning how inregrated program them are introduced through a series of labs in the Easter term. They also undertake a major project that occupies about half of the total time throughout the year.

cued integrated coursework

The maximum final mark is thereforeand most students are expected to receive this mark. Engineering drawing exercises; Computing; Projects: More information may be available To foster interest coursewori understanding in the subject through practical work that demonstrates engineering applications. More information may be available Creative thinking and synthesis are fostered in design projects.

cued integrated coursework

Experiments Computing Integrated coursework Integrated design project. Students work in teams cuec six to design, build and test a mobile robot vehicle as an integrated design project IDP. Attendance at all these lectures is necessary for students to complete their coursework satisfactorily. M, L, Team project work, 39, 28, Less 1 mark for late or 2 marks for very late attendance at each session.

cued integrated coursework

To gain experience of situations where practical experiments are better than mathematical methods for solving problems.

Coursework instructions will be given during the lecture course.

The Lent Term activity is a group exercise, with students working in pairs. Students who successfully complete all four years of the Engineering Tripos will graduate with the following qualifications:. Team allocations will be posted on Moodle on Wednesday the day before lecture start week 0. The lectures are delivered by a mixture of internal and external speakers and provide an opportunity to hear first-hand from some of the most influential workers in the field.


In the Michaelmas coursewrok, a series of five lectures presents contemporary courdework of the different disciplines to sustainable engineering. More information may be available Sequential logic, memory and counting. The final coursework mark is calculated by subtracting from the total raw mark.

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This is a project The exams and module coursework are marked separately from the fourth year projectand the lowest of these two marks determines your final grade. All the introductory information regarding laboratories, as well as handouts for Inttegrated of the experiments are available on moodle. After the test, recommendations are made on how the design might be improved.

Students may not take the same part of the same Tripos more than once. Parts IA and IB provide a coherent basic course of the principles underlying engineering science as a whole. Most students receive the maximum marks available for coursework. The MEng is unclassed though there are Distinction and Merit categories.

To obtain direct experience of physical phenomena, such as the annealing of a metal or the reflection of an electric wave.