For example, in Saudi Arabia there are two levels of courts. And there is life for you in the retaliation, O men of understanding, that you guard yourselves against evil: According to some of the Ulema even minor faults may render a person impious and such persons being non-adil shall not, according to those Ulema, be competent witnesses in a murder case. Clause 28 prescribes value of Diyat as 10, Dirham Shari , equivalent to Crimes under Islamic Law can be broken down into three major categories. If you are killed, then your family has a right to seek qisas punishment from the murderer. They justify war for this reason in high-sounding phrases – the war which shakes the world to pieces and destroys the tilth and the generations.

The term Shariah apparently includes Fiqah about which there is a good deal of difference of opinion among different schools of thought, which will lead to innumerable conflicts about interpretation and application of Fiqahi provisions to such matters. They change from time to time and from place to place. This really existing nature has equipped itself with powers and instruments to ward off harmful and destructive influences from itself, because it loves existence, and repels all things which could deprive it of life. In sub-clause 2 , however, it was provided that if at any time the real offender is found, the Diyat already paid shall be refunded to the person or persons who had paid it. One common myth associated with Islamic Law is that judges must always impose a fixed and predetermined punishment for each crime. It is the final arbitrator and there is no other appeal.

In clause it has been provided that an appeal shall lie to the Sessions Judge from an order passed by the competent Court and from the Sessions Court to the High Court and the High Court’s order in appeal shall be final.

Suratul Baqarah: Verses 178 – 179

The concepts and ideas found in the ijma are not found explicitly in the Quran or the teachings of the Prophet Sunna. Be that as it may; the present draft Law of Qisas and Diyat rests mainly upon the concept of payment of Diyat by the Aqila. If these people really believe in what they say, if there is any truth in this sermon, then why do they forget it in those cases in which their legal system provides for capital punishment? The consumption of alcohol in Egypt is punished much differently than in Iran or Saudi Arabia because they have far different civil laws.


Human nature disapproves the idea of a life for a life, when a man looks at this matter from the point of view of mercy and service to humanity. To understand Islamic Law one must first understand the assumptions of Islam and the basic tenets of the religion.


This provision is against the injunctions of Holy Quran with regard to Qisas. It is the final arbitrator and there is no other appeal. The last three crimes are mentioned but no specific punishment is found. In fact the latter part of the connotation of the term ghair masum i. They change from time to time and from place to place.

Suratul Baqarah: Verses – | Al-Mizan An Exegesis of the Qur’an, vol 2 |

Many times a tribe destroyed another just in retaliation of one man. The media often used the term “Islamic Fundamentalists” when referring to the accused essya the case. Sharia Law has several sources from which to draw its guiding principles.

The relevant sentence in this verse points to this fact:. These are the main objections against the law of retaliation with killing. Muslims are bound to the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed whose translation of Allah or God’s will is found in the Quran. The Qiyas are a fourth element of Sharia Law.

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Furthermore, Islam has brought the shari’ah which is meant for the whole world – not for a particular country or a selected group only. Diyat can be recovered as arrears of land revenue but after expiry of three years.

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The assumption of the punishment is that a greater “evil ” will be prevented in the future if you punish this offender now. First World Student of Human Rights will find the following article by Mohammed Salam Madkoar a most useful qisaz in attempting to understand the struggle for human rights in the Islamic world. As the society changes, so do the laws and codes.


It also may be a local custom or norm that judge may find helpful in applying to the issue before him. There are 19 nations which have declared Islam in their respective constitutions. The verse has fewer letters, and is easy to pronounce. After all, many killings are done unjustly, and they do not lead to life, they are negation of life.

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This action has done a great disservice to the Muslim world. If on the other hand, it continued its downward slide, and remained ungrateful to Allah’s favours, then the law of retaliation would prevail – with possibility of remission even then.

The fact is, the eszay deeply you look qiszs this verse, the more dazzled you shall be by its brilliance and radiance; and the word of Allah is the highest. And the facilities which they are provided with in prisons are far much better and much more comfortable than the wretched life they are accustomed to at home.

It has regulations for personal hygiene, diet, sexual conduct, and elements of child rearing. Each nation sets the damage before the offense and the judge then fixes the proper Diya.

The Provincial Governments may also file appeals from the judgments of the competent Courts to the Sessions Court or to the High Court against the order of the Sessions Judge in exercise of his original jurisdiction.

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Now, we come to the view that society should utilize all available manpower, and as such should use the criminals in compulsory labour and other such work, oj imprisoning them and cutting their access to the society.

In reality, the judges have much greater flexibility than judges under common law.