Lee, Jia Hui Object finder for the visually impaired. Yew, Tiong Keat Novel optical scanner using photodiodes array for two-dimensional measurement of light flux distribution. Ang, Wei Bing Development of iterative analytical procedure for boiler tube analysis in matlab. Although they do not see homosexuality as something positive, it does not indicate that they viewed homosexuality as negative or illegal. Hence, these might cause both male and female to have roughly the same attitudes toward homosexuality. Tan, Ching Soon Hand tracking guidance for the visually impaired. A case Study in Kampar Town.

Palancychamy, Prakas Physical and chemical properties of bimetallic doped vanadium phosphorus oxide catalysts. I would vote for a homosexual in an election for public office. Remember me on this computer. Sow, Swan Li-San Molecular diversity of ammonia and methane oxidizing bacteria in disused tin-mining ponds located within Kampar, Perak. A Systematic Review of the Empirical Literature. Tay, Yii Han Evaluation of the mycobacteriophage amplification assay for detection of Mycobacterium Bovis BCG cells exposed to different stresses in vitro. Neo, Teng Yi Investigation on free energy magnet motor.

Khor, Jia Min Synthesis and characterization of dried leaves derived carbon quantum dots for metal ions sensing and photocatalytic application. Overall, there were 40 undergraduate male students 20 Malays, 20 Chineseand 40 undergraduate female students 20 Malays, 20 Chinese participated in tjesis study. Ong, Chian Shen Prototype of an efficient hyrdopower plant. More information and software credits.

Chong, Kar Weng Accommodation search engine based on frequent-visit-location using multi-attribute utility theory. Yap, Kah Shing Formula optimization on match butter: Therefore, attitudes toward homosexuality were being influenced by educational background and influences. Ong, In Lih An empirical study on business intelligence adoption and maturity in Malaysian organizations. Please take note that in the case of any discrepancies between announcements and guidelines, the announcements shall prevail.


Chan, You Ming Mobile thesks for interactive digital business card. Lai, Shao Jun Intelligent entry and notification system for academic office. Hence, ATH Scale can be used as the general measure for entire homosexual population.

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Chen, Si Qi Charaterization of alumina trihydrate added acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene. Malaysia university student is the optimum participant in participating for this research because university act as one of the social institution htar preparing the youngster in meeting or facing the obstacles in the current social world. Shereen Sharmini, Thavanesan Some properties of subsets of finite groups.

Wong, Chen Hin Adjudication: Loh, Jiun Yan Fatty acid enrichment and potential food source for Moina macrocopa cultivation.

Attitudes toward homosexuality 3 This had indicates that the Malaysian are showing a very negative attitude towards homosexuality since Malaysia does not accept same-sex affection and discriminate the people who is having the homosexual orientation. Kong, Kie Ming Development of demand side management system: This is because people who are heterosexual view heterosexuality as normal while view homosexuality as abnormal.


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This is because in most of the religious point of views, homosexuality can be considered as a sin tnesis totally forbidden by particular religious groups. Finally, there thesls a significant difference result between religious groups Muslim and Buddhism and attitudes toward homosexuality among university students.

As from the previous research findings, it indicated that Western culture people were more to independent self-construal, while Eastern culture people were more interdependent self-construal Matsumoto, Chan, Kim Chon Compact real-time control system of autonomous vehicle system using fpga platform. Leow, Ee Wen Handwriting recognition on library book label.


Leong, Kwan Yi Code-switching: We as the Malaysians should not judge other people due to their differences with us. Ng, Wei Lin Diversity studies thesos fish and shrimp species in disused tin-mining ponds of Kampar, Perak.

Hence, with the trends for openness of the Malaysia educational system, it is believable that homosexual people will be dyp treatments with respect and tolerance to them as most of the students were showing the neutral attitudes toward the homosexuality in which they will not showing stereotype, misconceptions and anxieties i.

Operational Definition The term homosexuality refers to the sexual behavior between people ktar are having the attraction or sexual orientation towards the same sex people.

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Lee, Teong Hoe E-Education portal for students and tutors. Price comparison and shopping planner.

fyp thesis utar

Choo, Chun Leong Raptor tracking and counting with blue sky decolourization. Kee, Soon Ching Part time job locator. Lee, Guan Chuan Correlating website functionality with popularity. Teoh, Sin Kiat Evolutionary music:

fyp thesis utar