They are evenly matched as both have exhausted all of their spirit energies. List of Yu Yu Hakusho episodes. Even when Makintaro transforms his arm into an ax, Hiei effortlessly dispatches him. Kurama defeats Toya by implanting his plants into his own body to use as a weapon, however falling unconscious. Yusuke is annoyed by Chu’s unpredictable movements, as he is constantly being pummeled to the ground.

Kurama’s spirit energy is sealed by the dying efforts of Gama, as his paint was actually mixed with his blood. He whooshes his rainbow cyclone attack on an unharmed Genkai, who abruptly takes his rubber nose. As Kuwabara fights against Shishiwakamaru with the spirit sword, the latter quickly sends the former through the cape of no return, transporting him outside of the ring. Kuwabara faces off against Rinku, the first member of Team Rokuyukai. Ichigaki transforms himself into a monstrous creature as a last resort to win the battle, however he is quickly bested by an enraged Yusuke.

Kuwabara sees Yukina in the audience, who has arrived to gives him moral support, in which he manages to overcome his injuries and defeats Risho with his spirit sword.

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It is explained that Genkai and the Younger Toguro were once a pair fifty years back, however the Younger Toguro was greedy for eternal youth and ultimate strength. Kuwabara is chosen to fight against Shishiwakamaru after a game of rock-paper-scissorsmuch to the dismay of Kurama and Hiei.

Shishiwakamaru then is to battle the masked fighter, as to which Genkai is shown now as elderly and not youthful from before. Genkai then tells Yusuke that was the right answer. The masked fighter uses the spirit wave technique to remove the blood-saver node from their bodies, thereby defeating them.


Three members of Team Toguro demonstrate kudama power on another team in the semifinals. Yusuke realizes that he cannot owarranai his spirit gun after encountering a member of the Spirit Warriors in a forest, who is shortly killed kuraka his leader thereafter.

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Attaining new and improved abilities, Yoko Kurama’s demon plants prove too much for Karasu owqranai handle. Bakken, another member of Team Mashotsukai, brutally assaults the comatose Kurama.

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Genaki greatly relieved smiles and tells Yusuke he’s finally completed the krama. As Kuro Momotaro then transforms with birdlike qualities, Hiei’s attacks are proven ineffective.

homework ga owaranai kurama

Genkai possess Pu and suggests the Younger Toguro to kill one of Yusuke’s friends in order to increase owraanai power exponentially. In the first match, Hiei fights the ogreish fighter Makintaro, slicing off his left arm. Yusuke, Kuwabara, and the masked fighter participate in a three-on-three battle with Yen, Ryu, and Kai of Team Ichigaki.

The first match begins with Kurama facing Karasu. Seeing this, Yusuke is touched and says how sorry he is for letting Puu down. Despite Karasu’s death, Kurama loses the fight on a technicality. The Yoko Awakened Transcription: Twelve DVD compilations, each containing either three or four episodes of the saga, have been released by Funimation. Soon after, Yusuke is seen walking towards Genkai. Kurasu loses his mask, the only thing inhibiting his full power.


Retrieved from ” https: Yusuke struggles as he bears the pain of the spirit wave orb within him.

Above Puu Yusuke sees a huge boulder about to fall. However, the Elder Toguro’s regenerative abilities makes Kuwabara’s attacks useless. He unleashes a massive explosion, homeeork killing Yoko Kurama, and although he survived, however, the fruit of previous life reaches its time limit and Yoko Kurama reverts into his human form, giving Karasu the advantage.

Kuwabara is unable to fight due to the attack by Team Ichigaki.

homework ga owaranai kurama

While Yoko Kurama grows a manlike tree, having kuramq saliva to melt its prey. Genkai confront the Younger Toguro for blaming himself for his wrongdoings. Although Kuwabara displays his newfound ability to wield two spirit swords at once, he is unable to overcome Rinku’s assault of yo-yos.

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The two engage in hand-to-hand combat, as Suzuki demonstrates his body of steel muscle explosion technique. Left no choice and feeling helpless, Yusuke and his allies begin a two-month training period.

Kuwabara, though still seriously injured volunteers himself to fight the last battle against Risho, the leader of the team. In response, Kurama plays on Karasu’s overconfidence, and uses a desperate final attack to secure victory.