Public and Professional Advisors. Care of District Facilities. Students on Medication – Log. Legal Status and Operation. Isolation and Restraint Report Form. Safety Awareness and Accident Prevention Procedure. Cooperative Training and Agreement Plan Form.

Prohibition Against Harassment Intimidation and Bullying. Special Education and Related Services Procedure. Controversial Issues Guest Speakers Procedure. Regulations or procedures on this website may be in transition or in process of being revised. High School Course Request Form. Response to Student Injury or Illness. Advertising and or Sponsorship Form.

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issaquah school district homework policy

ohmework Advocacy Reps will compile the answers and submit them to the district PTA. Establishing a consistent schedule and place for your child to complete homework. Documentation of Investigation at School.

How Does Homework Affect Your Student’s Homelife?

Homework should be structured in such a way that all students can and do complete it successfully. Duties of Administrative Staff.

Budget and Program Planning. The following employees are designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Unpaid Holidays for Reason of Faith or Conscience.


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Prohibition of Corporal Punishment. You can find the online student survey by clicking on this link: Did you know that the Issaquah School District has plans to implement new homework policies and procedures by the Fall of ?

issaquah school district homework policy

Do you believe this policy is in practice in our classrooms? Selection of Basic Instructional Materials. Associated Student Bodies Procedure. Excused and Unexcused Absences. Share History More Cancel.

Drop Offs and Pick Ups. High School Graduation Requirements Procedure.

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The Issaquah School District is continually updating Regulations and procedures to keep current with state laws and regulations as well as best practices. Student Fees, Fines, Charges Procedure. K-5 Responsible Use Agreement. Sale of Real Property. Response to Student Injury or Illness. School Attendance Areas — Establishment and Revision.

Category 2 Water Activity Form. PTSA will use the parental responses to help us determine what stance we want to take on the issue. Highly Capable Programs Procedure. Through the Foundation, your passion as districh, family members, business leaders, volunteers and community members is transformed into funding for programs that make a difference.


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Category 2 Parent Voluntary Driver. Application for Choice Transfer Form.

The PTSA has been asked to help in the process of garnering community feedback. Issaquah School District Homework Policy Review The district wants to hear your opinion on your child’s homework situation. WA State Patrol form. Foundation Privacy Policy Statement: Key and Security Card Control. scjool

Nutrition and Food Services.