I was the one who wanted to change, and… But none of that matters now! I just need to write a picture diary. I came to fill up on gas since I was here on inn business. You feel that you understand it, but still not well enough. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Do you feel happy when you’re alone? Ah, but never mind

Nanako was almost done as well, though I didn’t do quite as well as I’d been doing up to now. What did Napoleon invent? She doesn’t seem to need any help The history of rivalry that it is important a custom essay order my paper before the. I asked her what’s up and she said she ran away from home… She’d picked up the dog, but her parents told her she couldn’t have a pet, and that she’d have to get rid of it… She looked like she was dead or something… I tried everything I could think of to make her laugh. I had to ask her what that meant.

I came to fill up on gas since I was here on inn business. Email required Address never made public.

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It’s gotten really fat at my place. Nanako had to write a book report for her homework. How does someone kick that hard…? Speaking of which… What’s up with Yukiko-san? Did it rain the day that we worked on my art homework? Way back, I saw Yukiko sitting by the road, holding a dog. I’ll write about platypuses! The bullying stopped, but… I felt like none of them saw the real me. I swore to quit being nothing but the girl Yukiko can rely on… So… I just tried my best.


Come by and see it sometime! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The person everyone likes, the one they say “hi” to on the street? Oh, hey Takeshi… W-Were you robbed again? I guess that’s an important thing to think about, huh And they have poisonous claws!

Just forget what I told you and enjoy yourself out there. I have to make something out of stuff I find in the house. All of your homework has been completed! Oh, you’ve rubbed off on her, huh? Everyone can get some pretty neat stuff from Bike Date, but for the most part I’m happy with the team’s regular skills.

We could make a day trip of it, so there’s no problem with going there now.

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Ohmework memorized the way the last time we went, so leave that to me. Keep an eye out for her, Senpai! She says… I’m like tofu.


persona 4 golden nanako homework platypus

I already finished reading the book, so I just need to write about it. Which one should I choose? Let’s go to the beach. Obtained the Power Homeworkk skill card from Yoshitsune!

I saw her with you the other day… She seemed weirdly cheerful… She had this funky laugh, y’know…? I’m even more interested in you now.

persona 4 golden nanako homework platypus

And they have poisonous claws! Y’know, like why I quit or what I’m thinking of doing next… She just talks about tofu.

But, it looks like I picked the wrong day to come. For today’s homework… I have to write a book report.