In Maths, a subject that I did not enjoy initially, my tutor used his sense of humour to teach us tricks and mnemonics to make learning interesting. Edenfield is a summer programme consisting of classroom teaching and extra curricular activities, including sports and arts. My experience together with my qualifications in Accounting, Biblical Studies, Business Administration and International Relations have given me a greater awareness of responsibility. Postgraduate Search courses How to apply Research degrees Taught courses Fees and funding Part-time and short courses Online prospectus Summer schools. While your application form briefly outlines your qualifications, skills and work experience, your teaching personal statement is where your personality shines through.

Search postgraduate courses Funding postgraduate study Universities and departments Study abroad Conversion courses Law qualifications. I appreciated studying a wide range of texts, analysing period and context. This has improved my clarity, an important skill for a teacher what ever and who ever you are teaching. Jobs and work experience Postgraduate study Careers advice Applying for university. There’s no single way to structure the main body of your personal statement, but make sure every point you make is supported by evidence and you’ve explained its significance. I believe that teaching makes a lasting contribution to a young person and it is important for them to acquire both knowledge and skills. Art is a way for young people to express themselves, to release their angsts, any inhibitions, problems and restrictions.

See Personal statements for postgraduate applications for more guidance.


Your personal statement is used to explain why you want to become a teacher and your suitability for the role. By being able to talk to a variety of children, it meant that I had started to develop my communication skills with the pupils, teachers and parents, and being able to adapt to each type of person.

You should not use any of the following content as part of your own personal statement as you would not be reflecting your own experience and ideas.

My experience has led me to look further into the education and lifestyle of children with special needs and I have used this in-depth research to enhance my understanding and experience at Grange Park. Jobs and work experience Search graduate jobs Job profiles Work experience and internships Employer profiles What job would suit me? Don’t waste valuable space talking about a specific university or school, as you can only submit one personal statement for all of your choices.


More personal statement examples can be found at www. In addition, PE obviously plays a role in supporting the Government initiatives for healthy eating and cutting obesity in sstatement. I feel that support and encouragement are key to participation in and enjoyment of PE lessons which are fundamental to improved health and fitness.

Through this experience and through being a lifeguard, I have learnt the need to be very patient with some children. One student was worried that either way she was not going to be following one of the instructions. As secondary teaching roles are geared towards teaching a specific subject, training providers are looking for more evidence of your subject and pgde knowledge.

Teacher training and education.

Teaching personal statement examples

Find out what you’ll need to include in your teaching personal statement to impress training providers and gain a place on primry ideal teaching course. Personal statement for School Direct If you’re applying for the salaried School Direct route, you should discuss the experience you’ve gained in the classroom prior to your application.

Example personal statement for PGCE primary In my early persoal, reading and writing were a challenge, at the age of nine I received a diagnosis of dyslexia bringing with it extra support from the school.

If you’re applying for the salaried School Direct sattement, you should discuss the experience you’ve gained in the classroom prior to your application. I would like to have the opportunity to apply my creative skills towards thinking up innovative ways of combining different areas of the National Curriculum within a project. I have some experience of teaching small groups outside of school both through activities on my course, the Pdimary award and I also teach and compete with a local majorette troupe which annually competes at the National Championships.


This may be within the classroom, on the sports field, in after school clubs and generally helping to conduct the sports that they are undertaking at the school. Although the degree that I am taking, Psychology, is not a National Curriculum subject it is heavily based upon scientific analysis. Although this is not a national curriculum subject, working through and coping with my dyslexia at university helped me nurture my own love of learning. In addition to this, through my own art training and life experiences, I am sensitive to the world around me and accomplished in working in a variety of medias and techniques.


Legal Privacy Cookies Terms of use Accessibility. I believe I would thrive as a teacher because of my own enthusiasm for and dedication to my subjects; coupled with my ability to relate to people in the age group.

primary pgce personal statement ucas

International students Parents and family Applicants New students. Recently I saw a child making good decisions with their behaviour as a result of the plans we made together.

primary pgce personal statement ucas

I used a lot of imagination to maximise motivation, using original games, so that although we were working it would appear more like fun. To strengthen your application, link the skills you mention to relevant examples of how or where you’ve developed them. Above all they treated me as an individual, encouraging me to achieve my personal best.

primary pgce personal statement ucas

It has helped to build up my confidence and develop me as a person. This is your chance to explain why you want to teach primary age children and convey your enthusiasm for teaching You need to back everything up with examples from your classroom experience, reflecting on what you did, how this made a difference and what you learned about teaching and learning within Key Stages 1 and 2.

The event included children attending special needs schools, which meant that I was able to develop my experience in working with special needs children. International expertise Business services Collaborative projects Consultancy Facilities Employability points.