Moreover, globalization has created greater diversity within our society and led to new social challenges for Singapore. The young are critical of the educational system because they think it overemphasises exam results and academic excellence. Many Singaporeans signed up as volunteers and others involved by cheering for our athletes; some also brought their young children along to show them the Singapore spirit at work. However over-emphasis on ethnic identity may segregate races and derail our goal of building strong national identity. They spent a whole day explaining how innovation requires experimentation and repeated failures. My grandson due next month, and who will be 50 when Singapore celebrates its th anniversary, can only say he was born a few months after Mr Lee passed away. Second, only a few are knowledgeable about, or interested in, current and foreign affairs.

For the sake of the next 50 years, I fervently hope that we can, and will. The Singapore government must thus take the lead to enhance the Community Integration Fund, encourage more organizations to spearhead community projects and work together to forge a mutual understanding among members of society. Such is the age gap that most of the people who worked with him have passed on and those who worked directly under him have long retired. Who would have thought that Singaporeans were once touted to be the most unhappy and unemotional people in the world? Some are attracted to the Workers’ Party not because they are against the PAP per se but because they share the belief that the Government needs checks and balances in order to be more responsive to the people. This ensures that all Singaporeans can continue to hold good jobs and enjoy higher quality of life.

If ISA were around today, half of the secondary schools would be empty. BY law, sinbapore one should work more than 37 hours a week, which allowed us to spend more time with loved ones.


Recognise, not avoid, our differences – an essay for SG50 – The Online Citizen

Moreover, there is a shift in social expectations today with more young graduates demanding work-life balance and pursuing their passions.

Reduced pressure from imported labour and the de-financialization of our small city-state helped housing prices and rent to fall back to bearable levels. Identity is not a static snapshot. Like students elsewhere and unlike those during my time the sthey want peaceful change, not violent revolution.

Volunteering for a common goal fosters mutual understanding and builds trust among diverse groups in Singapore. Inspired by sporting legends of sg500 past like Shanti Pereria and Joseph Schooling, deferment is available for those who excel in sports. This implies recognising, not avoiding, our differences. While there are no simple solutions, any response is likely to rely on these three broad approaches.

Rules help keep them honest and essat. Rajaratnam is, and they only knew who Goh Keng Swee was when he died. We may look, from the outside, to be less orderly and consensual than in the past. The education system would be a good place to start.

singapore sg50 essay

If we put that all together to sculpt a single, proverbial Merlion identity, it will be iconic and recognisable more to foreigners than to us. Unconventional ideas coming from one party alone is a sg500 for failure. Future productivity can come only from greater innovation, not from the addition of more labour and capital. If the Government’s new skillsets prove inadequate, Singapore will slowly cease to be exceptional and start to decline.

The dream of Singapore – an essay for SG50 – The Online Citizen

On the other hand, corporate boardrooms, government ministries and Parliament now are proportionally filled with women. Skip to main content.

Moreover, globalization has created greater diversity within our society and led to new social challenges for Singapore.

singapore sg50 essay

If they imbibe singwpore they are taught uncritically, it means they are not thinking for themselves and have closed minds. With so many challenges ahead, we need a stronger sense of national identity to bind us more tightly as a team, with a common belief that our diversity is what makes Singapore unique.


Enough to prevent groupthink, but not so many as to disrupt the institution.

Dialects, which were once near death, have also been resurrected. It is important for our young to know and understand the sg550 Singapore is in.

What 18-year-olds tell us about Singapore’s future

And if they know about current events, it is often about global rather than regional affairs. It is a loud cacophony of voices, of disorganised singaporee, of an exciting marketplace of ideas. While Singapore has enjoyed economic prosperity since independence, the challenge now lies in sustaining its economic momentum.

singapore sg50 essay

Copyright – The Online Citizen The widespread adoption of labour-saving technologies such as drone waiters at restaurants reduced the need for cheap foreign labour, while helping local business thrive and increasing the wages of those that do remain. The dream of Singapore 2.

Enough to question and criticise the ruling party but not enough to deprive the ruling party of its two-thirds majority, let alone to form a government.

It aims to do so by supporting websites that seek to enlighten readers and provide diversity of opinion, so as to ignite passion and responsibility in nation-building. When pressed, the students will admit that it st50 unlikely that the one-party dominant political system we had in the last 50 years will continue indefinitely in the next 50 years.