The beauty of life isn’t simply that we have it, that’s the reality. This is about what he did and wanted for our country. Although we are different, we all have the same goa l. I do not want the violence and hatred that we give each other. Knowing that there is so much in the world to familiarize myself with means that I am one step ahead of most everyone.

King spoke the truth. A band is composed of various musicians given an instrument. The world will change, but it’s up to you to change it for the better… Even today there are still racial injustices, prejudice, and hate. Without love, acceptance cannot develop. The beauty- masterful qualification if you will – is that we share it. It seems like despite the works of King or his role model Gandhi our world still has not learned to embrace unity, and in order to create change the current generation has to be the change… miles away, King’s ideas can still be used to diffuse the tensions between Hindus and Muslims.

In fact, he was absolutely right. Educating others about the differences among us will ultimately shed light where there would otherwise be the darkness of ignorance. In his heart, he believed that by uniting people who posit his beliefs together, he could make a difference in society. This is nature’s harmony in action, because every element is doing its part to make the seedling the best it could swackhamwr be. The Language Services Network is a network of nonprofit language service providers devoted to the enhancement of interpreting and translation services in the Fort Wayne area.


His dream was that men and women of all races would peqce in harmony. The friendships I have made have introduced me to different cultures and beliefs.

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It would take years to grasp what being “the black kid” in a town like Flower Mound really meant. Please keep copies of all entries as we will be unable to return them. If we continue to skirt around the subject of racism, people will never truly realize how wrong racism is, and finally begin to correct it.

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Cookies are confectionary treats that many people adore- these tasty treats seem to just be a food that will make you sick if you eat too many, or a food that is known to be kept away in a jar somewhere just almost out of reach, but cookies like all baked goods are intricate.

Gandhi led India into independence and inspired peaceful protest all around the world.

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Love is the most powerful force that we can use. That unity IS their foundation that provides opportunities to grow. I am surrounded by talented and stupendous people who I can call my best friends.

The Poetry Awards include three age categories: In fact, countless individuals are also one with people that they don’t even know.

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I am proud to say he has brought us together. They are already in harmony with their family and friends.


Lastly, along with gaining new knowledge about each other and composing friendly relations it is important to honour equality. King realized that we must love the diversity in our world, for all individuals are special in their own right. Grade 6, First Place: The children are pecae future of the world and if everyone can pitch in and help, we can put an end to all of this. And we can embrace unity by being friendly and harmonized so that we have a common purpose to work towards. Grade 4, First Place: Without him, separate but equal would still be in American society today.

This was esssay what happened by Dr.

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We can smile at a stranger. We are not supposed to tum on one another. Strong and influential leaders like Gandhi and King never let color or religion stop them from seeing someone’s inner beauty. God created all of us equal and in the same manner.

Our beliefs should be not quarreled over but respected. Maybe a world that is fair, equal, and unified is a fairy tale vision for some, but it is a vision that is worth striving towards. There is nothing more beautiful than harmony in a community filled with cultural diversity.

swackhamer peace essay contest 2015

Whatever you do — good or bad- mothers will still love you.