This lipstick is vegan, soy-, and gluten-free. What an azming page you have here. These supplements are dairy- and soy free. Potent marine actives, including red and brown algae, in Ama’s skincare collection effectively preserve skin’s youthfulness and vitality in a sustainable and attainable way. Unlike chemically treated salts, Thesis makes its bath salts with certified organic botanicals and natural Dead Sea salts.

This is a great comprehensive guide! If you’re looking for light coverage, with skin protection, which is usually my weekend look, I suggest the following: I wasn’t sure I’d find a clean alternative for my sparkly tanning lotion, but I did! I personally love the peppermint scent because it’s awakening and rejuvenating. Plantlife makes lots of scented soaps.

Ethical Beauty Brands to Buy

They all sound amazing!!!! Thank you, momentsnthings has entered! Mainstream perfumes are made up of thousands of chemicals, none of which are disclosed on the packaging. Each of these brands is doing really great things and offering amazing non-toxic beauty offerings.


thesis beauty ewg

I don’t ever worry about wrinkles, but I do worry about fine lines. I love this kind of stuff. Unlike chemically treated salts, Thesis makes its bath salts with certified organic botanicals and natural Dead Sea salts. All of the brand’s products use a special combination of prebiotic nutrients including nutritious Acadian sea kelp, ultra-hydrating organic extra-virgin coconut oil, and pure aloe vera in order to balance the skin’s pH level.


Pro-tip, you can use it as hair gel and for chafing too. It smells amazing and it’s great to use for massages or just beaut hydrate your skin after a hot, steamy shower. All my best and happy summer!

Petroleum, and its by-products, like mineral oil, actually strip your skin of its moisture, not to mention that your body is absorbing these cheap toxic chemicals.

Uberlube Premium Lubricant is made from silicone and vitamin E, and not petrochemical by-products.

Trash Your “Dirty” Cosmetics: Clean , Natural Beauty Products We Love, all Made in the USA

This toothpaste is both fluoride and gluten-free. Sunflower seed oil and vitamin E nourish your lips. The shampoo and conditioner combo is exactly how I imagined I’d love my hair to feel. Organic Essence Organic Lip Balm is not only a non-toxic product, but it also comes in non-toxic packaging. Sierra on May 2, at Alex Mulliner on May 3, at You can actually smell the blueberries!

Andrea K on May 2, at It’s another one that doesn’t give you that white zinc oxide zombie look. It is in the easily totable stick form, clear, fragrance-free and non-chemical sunblock. Heather Paulding on May 3, at 7: Axiology is was founded and run by Ericka Rodriguez, who has made it her company’s mission to produce a produce vegan lipstick ethically and kindly.


None of the tnesis recommended seem to cater to women of color. The line offers really intimate scents, in that only those thesus are closest to you will beatuy your perfume. Once I found out about the Think Dirty appI scanned all my beauty and personal care products to see how dirty or clean they were.

I found out about them from this website also. Polish Remover Soy Free: Hello soft, exfoliated skin. Have you ever heard of these? I suggest using it as a lip balm, or even an eye makeup remover.

thesis beauty ewg

If you have sensitive skin, ZAK Body has two options that are baking soda free. My skin was noticeably brighter within a few days of using it. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and whatever we put on our skin is entering our bloodstream.