Do not abbreviate the word “figure. Either left justification or full justification is acceptable for the body of the text. For students who want to register the copyright for their dissertations, which is also optional, they can do so themselves by visiting the US Copyright Registration Portal or by contacting ProQuest for its fee-based service at ext. Choose “Initial View” from the left on the dialog box. This page must include the filename with file type.

Page Formatting and Font Margins: So no matter what fonts someone else has on their computer, they’ll be able to see the file as you intended it to be seen. The camp provides a quiet, supporting environment for students at any stage in the process of writing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Check with the Registrar’s Office to ensure they have your correct diploma address. Here is a reminder of how grad students are changing the world everyday! NO signatures are to be reproduced in electronic dissertations because they will be available on the Web.

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References are those works cited in the text, including traditional footnotes and parenthetical citations. Having technical trouble converting your document to PDF?

To learn more, click on the link! University of Kentucky Graduate School shared a post. This work reflects the quality of the program that supervises the student and the university that awards the degree.


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To help ehnancement continue our mission please consider donating by clicking on the link: These free workshops explore aspects of North American English pronunciation, university culture in the United States, and pedagogical strategies for creating effective learning environments. Appendices include materials that are independent of but relevant u,y the dissertation, for example surveys, additional data, computer printouts, symbols, abbreviations, definitions, etc.

Do not include the figure legend. If you create multiple PDFs, be sure you provide a way to move between the sections.

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UK electronic theses and dissertations are available as a stand-alone database. Do not include the table legend. It only will take about 25 minutes of your time! Therefore, the Graduate School sets criteria and standards for the format of the written work which will be available not only to the immediate campus, but also to a wider scholarly community via the Web.

Be on the outlook for all of the awesome events coming this week. However, the student retains all other ownership rights to the copyright of the work, including the right to use it in future works such as articles or books all or part of the work.

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Graduate Student Life Summit Spring Applicable fees will be determined by the Academic Affairs Officer after the final dissertation is accepted by The Graduate School. The bottom line on the last page of each chapter is a possibility for such placement. It is the uyk responsibility to contact journal editors regarding an individual journal’s copyright regulations prior to publication with that journal. How long does the First Format Check take? Be sure that all files your PDF and all multimedia files are in the same folder on your computer.


No spaces in the file name.

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Include no more than 6 keywords or key phrases at the end of the abstract for indexing and cataloging purposes. We will make every attempt to migrate the listed file formats indefinitely. One Day for UK. While there is no specific deadline for the GSIP, the department must nominate the student within the first semester that they receive the award.

The following is a partial list of nationally competitive fellowships eligible for the University of Kentucky’s GSIP program.

uky dissertation enhancement

Choose “Fill” color to change the color. University of Kentucky Lexington, Enhandement Phone: All files necessary for your document must be submitted with the document. The following multimedia formats must be used: No bold on Preliminary Pages.

The appendices must conform to the rules for margins, but the print may be reduced in size. The survey data are reported only in aggregate form or in a manner that does not identify information about any individual.