The dynamics and character of cities are considered in terms of their built environment, economic systems, population, human and cultural diversity and planning policies and practices. Only read the readings that are for the exam which will be told to you right before exam break. According to the technique described at interpreting the assignment question , this topic can be divided up as follows:. Would recommend as a refresher of basic techniques and for the pleasant learning environment! This review was posted on June 19, GEOG has a test and an exercise for the coursework, and then an exam.

Note – If a flowchart or other diagrams are to be included, please talk to the Policy and Compliance Officer to discuss the best way of doing this. Complete shit course, relying on teammates for marks who don’t do shit at all. This review was posted on June 07, Especially liked the urban focus. The assignment was like 10 pages though: What Grade did you receive? This review was posted on March 05,

As I said to my team a few times: Grab a t-shirt to liven sssay your wardrobe. I cannot stress what a great lecturer she is. Mel rocks the other lecturers weren’t to shabby either. This review was posted on November 11, Perhaps it was because our tutor gave crap advice?

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Siv was a pleasant lecturer as she is easy to listen to and does not speak too quickly however she often runs over time with her lectures or is sometimes late to lectures. Good mix of social and environmental urban themes covered in the course.


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I hear the lectures teach the course in a cycle, and a lot depends on which one you get. Fees Calculator Programme fees International student fees more I had Bruce as the lecturer who was fabulous!

Worst part was the assessment format. Tutorial preparations wasted uoa printing money more so than being difficult, but were very easy marks. FTVMS Formatting coursework Tutors will be able to offer guidance on writing style, structure and other aspects of coursework assignments. This paper has one lecture and two tutorials each week, so you get to know the people in your tutorials pretty well and you learn so much from them! Readings about people making amazing discoveries which we give fancy words to and name them as theories!

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This review was posted on December 29, It is mind blowing, but require hard work. Year taken If you’re the memorize and firmat on paper type, probably won’t be too hard for you. Coursework is an exercise report on urban mobility, a test and the exam. The facilitators did all they could to make the course easy to understand and pass.


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This review was posted on August 19, Don’t take this if you’re not a first year. What Grade did you receive?

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If you study consistently, I think the exam is quite a breeze. Unfortunately all business students have to do it so bad luck. Overall 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star.

This review was posted on July 01, Maybe with the right teaching team, this course could be improved, but even so a lot of the material is very dry and dull. When I did it, lecture attendance dropped so low the lecturer started taking roll, students present got attendance marks.

A lot of readings. Siv is boring and doesn’t seem to enjoy lecturing. Overall very flexible course that is taught with zeal and enthusiasm, my tutor Shinya was also awesome.

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For people that don’t like geo or just want an ‘easy’ gen ed don’t recommend.